Cloud Backup and Storage Options for Businesses

A large number of businesses have already converted, or are looking to convert, to cloud storage for backup or file sharing. This basically involves outsourcing some of your storage requirements to the provider and is very useful when allowing flexible work for your staff.

Employees, partners and even clients can be given the right to access your data stored in the cloud and can also access that data from anywhere.

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There are three main points that you want to value when choosing your cloud storage options: Space, Security, and Cost.

Different services offer different balances between the three so that it will go down to the most suitable for your company, or maybe you want to make a mix of different services to create your own unique balance.

So keeping this in mind, here are the cloud storage options below:

Personal use

If you are an Apple user, you might be interested to know that Apple recently released its iCloud service. Installed on any new Apple device, iCloud automatically backs up content, email, contacts, etc.

To free 5GB cloud storage. This will be very useful for times when you lose your cellphone but still need access to contacts or when you accidentally step on your iPad and need the document you are working on.

With 128-bit encryption that is very safe from all your data, iCloud is a great backup option for cellular professionals and also allows you to store other content you like, acting like a complete cloud storage option. However, given the potential for limited sharing, iCloud is really only suitable for personal use.

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