Who Takes Interest In Nigerian News?

There are many people who take interest in Nigeria news and since some really serious developments have recently been taking place in the country, more and more people from different parts of the world have been following things through more closely. One of the incidents is that of the destruction of a religious minority leader’s institutions and the massacre of not only his family but also his followers who sought to defend him in some way.

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The question now is, why the leader, i.e Mr Zakzaky is still held captive by the Nigerian government? Terrorism is a major problem affecting everyone however, do the shias who Zakzaky represents really engage in terrorist activities? A number of foreign experts claim the whole incident to be a result of Saudi influence on various African countries as they seek to promote their own version of Islam inspired by the wahhabi movement, which is the main cause of terrorism.

Buhari being a close associate of the Saudis may be doing all he can to please them and perhaps, it could be a result of some form of remuneration of a personal nature that he could be benefiting from. If you read the various nigerian news relating to this incident, you will find lots of mixed views with some innocent and naive Nigerians thinking Mr Zakzaky to have been involved in terrorism. If only something was done against Boko Haram who happen to have links with the Saudi ideology, then it may have been applauded as measures against terrorism.

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