Choosing Your Accessories For Lanyards

There are different kinds of lanyard accessories available in the market that can help business owners in making most out of lanyards. These can be used for protecting and holding important identity badges. Following are some essential accessories that are useful for office employees and workers:

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1. Cardholders

One of the most commonly used lanyard accessories includes cardholders. They are easily available in the market and most of the suppliers provide them with a deal with cheap lanyards as well. There are basically two types of cardholders:

  • Transparent plastic wallets which are used for protecting name cards as well as identity badges,
  • Solid plastic holders which are used for keeping name cards safe.

2. Reels

Another popular accessory for lanyards is retractable reel. These reels are usually attached with cards that are used frequently and you have to show your card for verification. Apart from that, a reel can be used separately as it can easily be clipped on pockets as well.

3. Clips

You can use different types of clips for making lanyard more useful. There are different types of clips easily available in the market. Some of them include crocodile, mobile phone, and safety clips.

4. USB Lanyards

Another popular and innovative accessory is USB lanyard. This includes a clip that can be attached to a lanyard; when that clip is taken out it reveals a USB. This way your customers and employees will not lose their USB easily and can keep it safe easily.

These are some accessories that you can add to lanyard to make them more attractive without spending too much money.

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