Cebus Own Version of African Safari

Have you ever thought of yourself being in the paradise of Africa viewing some of the zebras and wild tigers? Numerous of species of deer and gazelles jumping by the roadside and are being watched by ostriches. Then some of the giraffes are observing from a distance as well. If you are thinking that you can only see that in Africa, I must say that you are wrong. Cebu has its own African safari and it is located in Carmen, Cebu. The prominent Lhuillier family developed a 100-hectare land into a conservation park for several years now.

The place is located in the northern town of Carmen and is slated to open this 2018 as countless of animals are still arriving from the lands of Africa. The park also features a swan lake where people can take a boat ride and largest aviary in the Philippines.

Tourists are kept on coming back to Cebu because of its amazing beauty that appeals to the people both locals and foreigner.

Animal Shows

There are several species of birds to be seen in the park such as vulture, flamingos and many more. They are trained so well to take part in the animal shows which is going to be regular at the park.

Safari Animals

Lhuillier said that 70 percent of the animals in the zoo will be from Texas, Dubai, and south of France. The animals arrived on March 21st of 2017 which is just last year. The place will feature 60 different kinds of animal species and as well the aviary. Lhuillier said that even people from Singapore thought that their Safari is better than the one in Singapore. The entrance fee to the park will be 550 pesos but it’s not inclusive of the rides like the roller coaster, plunge, and the zip line.

For your convenience, you can contact Cebu Tours for a Cebu Safari Tour Package. They will help you with arranging your tour once the place starts to open.

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