Type of cable reel stands

Cables that are often used in construction work and industrial projects are supplied in bulk. These cables are transported from one place to another using cable reel stands or drums. The specialized reel stands make it easier to handle the equipment. Here are some types of cable reel stands that can aid you in performing your tasks in the best way possible.

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1. Reel spool cart

A rolling spool cart provides a wide range of spool sizes. All sorts of wires or cables can be wrapped around the spindle. The cart has a handle that helps pulling it around. Due to the presence of the handle, this piece of equipment provides free and easy movement.

2. Metal reel

Metal reels are useful for the transportation of cables. Metal reels can be bolted, stamped, welded and machined. They have a tough built structure.

3. Plastic reel

Plastic reels are less preferred as compared to metal reels. Plastic reels can be made through molding, thermos forming and extrusion.

4. Reel trailers

Reel trailers have shock absorbing inflated wheels. They are also characterized by free and easy movement. These cables can be transported easily on trailers through narrow spaces in construction sites.

5. Reel holder

A reel holder is the simplest type of stand. It is easier to carry on and off construction sites. However, only a limited portion of the cable or wire can be wrapped around its spool. The wire can also be assembled and disassembled rather quickly and easily.

Remember, to choose the best cable reel stand for your purpose.

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