Important Tips In Joining Online Art Competition

There are many people who are passionate in making artworks and have done their best in learning their basics and improve their skills. They continue on practicing what they know and trying on other methods to see which of these different art forms they like better. This helps them make an identity of their own specially when they experiment with anything they can think of.

But most artists who are good at what they do are not receiving the attention they deserve from the people in the community. Fortunately, they could join an online art competition and let everyone see what they can do and find an audience for their works. Even if they do not win, there is a possibility that some people will appreciate their artwork and this may boost their confidence.

If you have plans on joining competitions, there are some things you should remember when doing so to increase your chances of winning. Before you submit your work, read thoroughly the rules such as what the size requirement is and where to put the label and name. They do this so that they have a systematic manner in administering, processing and judging the art.

Be aware of the deadline that they have because giving this have a purpose as their schedules revolves around following this timetable. This includes their collateral materials, advertising and the schedules of their judges or jurors. It would be unfair for other participants who submitted on time if a late submission from an artist is still allowed.

Understand the theme and media the organizers want from their participants and follow them to avoid being disqualified immediately. If your type of art does not fit what that particular competition require then find another one that do instead of forcing the issue. Contact the organizers if you are confused or have concerns about these things.

Label your entries using their format and not yours because there is a reason for them for requiring you to do this aside from simple uniformity. This helps them to identify, administer and judge the entries easily and quickly. This also lets them handle the submissions properly and if there is no label, you risk your work on being lost or not judged.

Provide the maximum number of entries they asked for you to submit when entering their competition and not less than that. Judges would like to see your style and if there is consistency in it along with having a consistent technique. Passing more artworks would help the jurors in evaluating them more closely.

Follow the requirements the organization is asking for the sizing of your submissions either in terms of pixels or inches. There are many free editing programs available out there so there will be no reason for you not to follow this guideline. This includes following the quality and resolution settings so jurors can judge them better.

And pass an image with good quality and without frames. It should have the proper brightness and with their colors well contrasted. So photographing or scanning them is sometimes problematic when not done properly.

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