Bait laying for effective extermination of ants and termites

Pests are infinite in number and so are the techniques used to exterminate them. The pest treatment may involve the application of chemicals and pesticides in various ways so that it effectively gets rid of the pests and its colony.


Termites and ants never exist individually. They are found in groups called colonies. So when it comes to its extermination, various methods are adopted like the barrier treatment and the bait technique.

Barrier treatment: This method involves applying a liquid pesticide to the underground soil where the ants and termites are found. The pesticide is applied around the building so that a barrier is formed and it blocks the entry of the pests. The idea is that the pests trying to penetrate through the barrier are either repelled or killed. The disadvantage in this is that the pests are hidden everywhere and it is tough to penetrate the pesticide everywhere.

Termite or ant baits: Baits are usually placed underground or near the vicinity of the colony for termites and inside the house for ants. The bait consists of a palatable material which is liked by the pests. The palatable material is coated with a slow acting substance which is lethal to the pests. The pest first consumes this material and shares it with its mates helping in wiping out the entire colony. Continued monitoring is necessary to clean out the whole colony.

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