From Sewing Machine Reviews to Novelist

I have to thank a sewing machine.  I have always loved to write, but had a lot of trouble finding a publisher to accept my stories.  I tried every approach I could think of to break into the writing business until someone mentioned that I could become paid as a freelance writer.  My first assignment: sewing machine reviews.

Although I knew nothing about sewing machines, I researched and reviewed my heart out.  I wrote my first review like it was the consumer review version of Moby Dick…it had drama, it had heartbreak, it was climactic.  My employer liked my review so much that I was hired to review several different sewing machines in their line.  Soon, it was game  on.  My assignments got longer and more varied until I had official credits to my name, as well as a few bucks and some much-needed confidence.

To make a long story short, my career continued to grow. I began to write freelance articles and short stories and eventually, I published my own novel (although it did not include a whale!). Whenever I feel that a little humble pie is in order, I think back to that first assignment I ever had as a writer:  a sewing machine review.

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