Tour Trends of 2018

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With half of 2017 behind us, people are making predictions for the coming year. For travelling agencies, this means predicting next year’s tour trends. Here are some tour trends that are predicted for 2018.

1. Culinary Tours

Culinary tours allow us to experience cuisines that we’ve never tasted before with friends and family. They help in understanding the culture of other countries, and all the while, satisfy our taste buds. For 2018, they are predicted to increase immensely in popularity, with more and more people wishing for the food of other lands. This is good news for countries such as France and Italy that lie upon the Western Front and are common destinations for culinary tours.

2. Trains

Trains are generally not favored by many for being a relatively slow mode of transport. However, in 2018, transport by trains is expected to escalate in use. Tourists will be using them to travel down foreign routes, and take in the landscape and scenery. For those on Western Front Tours 2018, you can use train routes such as the France-Germany High Speed.

3. Family Tours

Going on tour with your family is a common practice. It allows us to share experiences and enjoy our time with our loved ones. For 2018, the amount of families going on tour is expected to increase, especially around spring-time. Some popular spots for families include the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Cathedral of Saint Bavo in Belgium.

For those of you planning to go on tour in 2018, you may want to consider these predictions in order to prepare and make the most of your time.

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