Malignaggi Reacts To Rumors That McGregor Was KO’d in Sparring

As indicated by previous two division best on the planet Paulie Malignaggi, there is no fact that to the bits of gossip that UFC hotshot Conor McGregor was halted or dropped in his preparation camp. 

Malignaggi says those bits of gossip initially started when previous title holder Jessie Vargas led a video meet and said he educated that McGregor had just been thumped out in a fighting session. Vargas never uncovered the name of the boxer who thumped McGregor out. 

After Vargas directed that meeting, the bits of gossip about McGregor getting penetrated in camp became bigger and bigger. 

Malignaggi was procured by McGregor's camp as a competing accomplice. 

The MMA warrior is preparing for his professional boxing debut, on August 26th, against five division champion Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor. The session happens at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

Mayweather, 40 years of age, comes back to the ring surprisingly since he reported his retirement in September of 2015. 

McGregor clarifies why the McGregor gossipy tidbits are sham and why no one outside of the camp individuals would even be available for the camp. 

"That claim that McGregor was thumped out was all B.S. stuff. I think when these reports initially turned out, he was recently coming back from a press visit in Europe. The individual who was stating that, Jessie Vargas, that he saw Conor get thumped out. That was physically outlandish. Conor touched base in Las Vegas that Saturday, it was 2-3 weeks back. Saturday he arrived and that Sunday the meeting with Jessie Vargas turned out. He said Conor got thumped out, which is physically outlandish unless Conor was flying 14 hours and after that competing that day," Malignaggi revealed to The Rich Eisen Show. 

"Likewise, something else is, we prepare at the UFC base camp and its extremely private so no one can come in. You are not going to get anyone out there who doesn't have a place in the rec center."

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