Trezor Bitcoin Hardware – Should You Use It Or Not?

Before I introduce you to TREZOR HARDWARE, I would like to know that how many of you are aware of BITCOIN???

People who invest in the share market and keep themselves updated about the virtual world must be aware of BITCOIN.

Small Introduction To BITCOINS: Bitcoin is a type of currency that enables people to purchase goods & services and exchange money without any involvement of banks, credit card issuers or any of the third parties like PayPal.

Now I will tell you about TREZOR…..

TREZOR is a hardware BITCOIN wallet that offers a high-end security without forgoing suitability. Just similar to cold storage, TREZOR is able to sign transactions while associated to an online maneuver. 

Well, folks, this simply means spending BITCOINS is totally secure even when you are using a conceded computer or laptop. Isn’t that great????

It offers you:

• Complete hold over your money.

• Centralized confirmation.

• Basic Transparency.

• Safe atmosphere.

• Complete privacy.

For your consideration, here is Trezor hardware specifications:

• Size measures up to 60 mm by 30 mm by 6 mm.

• Weighs under 1/2 an ounce.

• Can be easily connected to PC or laptop with a micro-USB or USB cord.

• It comprises of 128×64 3.12” OLED screen display.

Wow….That’s amazing!!

The only drawback of Trezor hardware is that it can’t be connected only via Bluetooth. 

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