5 Diet Plans for Men

When it comes to men's diet plans, several factors come into play. One of them being the fact the male gender require more energy in their muscles hence their meal should be slightly different from that of the female. So, what does an ideal man's diet plan entail?

men muscles

Significant portions of proteins

For every meal, add proteins such as eggs, fish and other lean meat. In the 3 week diet system book free download by Brian Flatt, it's clear that increasing the number of proteins consumed lowers the carbohydrates. In the end, our bodies consume the fats stored so as to produce energy which helps in reducing stored fats.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps in burning fats and also provides a medium in which cellular activities occur. As a weight loss and diet mechanism, water helps you shed extra calories when the body uses calories to warm the cold water to your body temperatures.

Avoid starchy carbs

Starchy carbs such as rice when taken all at once prompt the body to store up fat from the excess glycogen produced. It’s therefore important to reduce starchy carbs in your diet to help make your diet plan effective.

Lower sugar intake

While we may not completely do away with sugary food such as fruit juice, limiting the intake is a great diet plan.

Consider eating several times a day

Eating multiple times (preferably six times) will not only control your sugar levels, but it will also keep your metabolism firm hence enabling generation of new muscles.

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