Golovkin to highly win over Canelo Alvarez

There were apparently a lot of boxing fans and well-known commentators that have witnessed Canelo Alvarez’ recent victory over Julio Chavez Jr. and a lot of them were not impressed with Canelo’s win and performance as well. A few months from now, Canelo will be facing a very tough opponent this September 16 with several titles already in his belt. “GGG” or Gennady Golovkin with a professional high of 37-0 is going to prove once again in the ring that he is the pound for pound king. This main event fight will be very explosive to witness and Golovkin vs Canelo tickets are starting the roll out and a lot of the fans are securing their seats for the fight.

A lot of people in the ringside are very keen to details and they have as well a very logical way of analyzing Canelo’s performance in the ring and they see that Canelo is no better fighter as Golovkin. Although he may have won several fights way back they are not convinced of his wins since his opponents were handpicked, thus securing a sure win during the bout. They were not able to gauge Canelo’s true form and power if he just did not dodge great fighters for him to face in the ring.

Canelo Alvarez has been labeled as an average fighter since the fights or the opponents that he had faced were not at par with him. A lot of analysts and boxing enthusiasts were wondering how well and effective will Canelo perform against the fierce fighter Golovkin.

Golovkin’s team see this upcoming fight as a challenge to face Canelo and to put them in the ring will be a crucial fight to both teams. Golovkin’s team worries that their fighter will not do well and right now he is fighting at the age of 35 that is going to face a much younger opponent.  In Golovkin’s recent fight, they’ve witnessed as well that he somehow lost some of his fighting instincts in the ring. Although there were lapses by the judges’ scoring, Golovkin hardly defeated Danny Jacobs.

Overall, Canelo Alvarez remains and appears to be the underdog in the Golovkin fight since over time, he has not shown any improvement in his recent fights. Canelo has been facing hand-picked and weaker opponents as compared to his loss to Mayweather Jr. which should be an example of a tough fighter. They see Golovkin as the better fighter with a powerful punching finish and that worries a lot of people on how Canelo is going to address such power in the ring.

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