Do A Little Spring Cleaning!

Spring is a beautiful time of year because the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and there usually is a lot of dust on everything.  Deep cleaning your home can help you to rid your home of winter dust build up as well as help you breather easier during allergy season.  Having a home that is full of dust can trigger allergies and make them worse.  This is the time of year when nature is starting fresh from the cold winter months and you should do the same for your home and your body.  
In the winter time we usually eat heavier, warmer foods which give us comfort in the colder time of year however this can lead to bad eating habits.  Switching out unhealthy choices for healthier ones in the spring time can give you the motivation you need to eat some of the wonderful fruits and vegetables available in spring and the early summer months.  Visiting your weekly farms market is a great way to support local business as well as get fresh seasonal items.  Reducing salt intake, eliminating sodas and eating more raw foods will help to give your body a detox.  Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning will help to remove toxins as well as allow your body to retain nutrients from the foods you eat.  
Your muscles also can use a spring cleaning.  Your muscles can hold on to toxins and getting a massage can help to release these toxins.  My local San Deigo Chiropractic offers massage in his office so his patients can get adjusted and massaged in one location.  Many  San Deigo Chiropractors agree that when a patient is getting massaged on a regular basis they get sick less often, have lower stress levels as well as hold their adjustments longer.  Many people think getting a massage is a luxury and imagine themselves paying high prices in a spa however many wellness centers offer great packages on massage and are therapeutic for the body.   It's not a luxury it is a necessity to your health.  


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