What Is The Best Type Of Hosting For Gaming Companies

How Gaming Companies deal with Latency

dedicated serverHave you ever been playing an online video game, that no matter what you do to improve your frame-rate and performance, lag and latency still becomes a bothersome issue? Many times this problem can usually be caused by the gaming companies lack of a 'dedicated server'. What is a dedicated server you may wonder? How can they benefit not only the gaming community, but even become profitable for said gaming companies?

For example, a company who does not use this type of server usually relies on a host. A host is chosen in an online game, usually common in first person shooters. The host can be picked by random, but is more than likely based off a person with a good connection. The game then begins to function on that one persons connection. Sadly online games are connected to people all over the world. The one con of this method, is that gamer's can experience lag and low frame-rates depending on the hosts connection. It has even been proven that hosts sometime have an advantage over other players. Whether it be better performance, or the ability to shoot farther and more accurate like in the game Halo.

How do these servers work? And what benefits do you get by acquiring, or playing on one? They are usually stored in a data facility. Made up of a powerful CPU and a lot of ram. It is one big, powerful host that whatever online game is connecting to. In this case the player will experience a significant increase in performance, that makes a happy gamer! Having happy gamer's, means happy customers. What a great marketing strategy! All-though the servers can be expensive, for small business owners they can also be rented usually for a reasonable price.

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