Your Duties as an Audio Transcription Service Provider

Before you join the audio transcription service, you are told about its benefits as well as its challenges. However, do you know what your duties are? I am not asking what your job is, because that is something you already know; I am asking if you understand what your duties in the job are. You are responsible for transcribing the transcription information accurately. Yes, but that can’t be all. Let me take you through a list of duties you will need to fulfill as an audio transcription service provider.

You are required to follow up with doctors if there is any information missing in the dictations. Also, you have to flag the medical document in case of an incomprehensible or missing piece of information.

It is your duty to ensure consistency of all kinds in the transcribed record. You have to ensure that there are absolutely no spelling errors. You also have to ensure accuracy of grammar in the transcribed text.

You are responsible for researching information independently to deliver an accurate and complete record.

One of your most important duties is to perform a thorough review of the medical record. You have to ensure that the medical record is authentic and accurate. You have to ensure that the medical record is meaningful, relevant, and complete.

You have to ensure that the medical record is delivered in the requisite format.

It is your duty as an audio transcription service provider to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

You get the drift. The medical record is your responsibility and everything that is required to make it perfect becomes your duty.

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