Travel to Kalanggaman Island

Travel has become the best getaway activity by groups and or even a backpacker. One perfect place which apparently non-local and foreign travelers go into are beaches. Other than the island of Boracay which already made a name for itself, Kalanggaman or Calanggaman Island stand at par with it. It has a similar quality of well-refined white sand, long shores and clear water, however, what made Kalanggaman Island stand out is the place itself. Although the island has been a tourist spot way back, the area remained and appears to be untouched with the kind of feel of what we call a virgin island.

Over time, there is an increase in tourist visit in the island thus locals came up with a Kalanggaman Island tour package in order to meet the tourist or their client’s needs. Their itineraries are already laid out; the things to do, the place to stay and transportation for their convenience. Kalanggaman Island showcases its long shore which is perfect for long walks, it has the clearest water as well which is perfect for snorkeling. Water sports include stand-up paddling which is perfect for those who does not want to go underwater. Other recreational activities can be done onshore too, like camping and even bird watching since there are often times migratory birds sited in the area.

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